Amenities & Activities at Ananda Hideaway 

Ananda Hideaway is a hidden oasis in the serene landscape of Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Our enchanting resort spans over 10 acres of land, and here, amidst nature, we have thoughtfully crafted a collection of amenities to ensure your stay is extraordinary.

Pool with Slide

Dive into joy and laughter as you make a splash in our pool with a thrilling slide. Ideal for both the young and the young at heart, this oasis promises refreshing fun, and memorable moments.

Pickleball Court

Challenge yourself and your friends to lively matches on our full-size pickleball court. Embrace friendly competition and forge lasting bonds with family, friends, or fellow travelers. Inquire about hosting your Pickleball Tournament with us.

Game Room (Loft) with Bar & Seating Area

Inside, our game room buzzes with excitement. Unwind at the bar with a refreshing drink, engage in friendly games, or simply savor precious moments with loved ones in the cozy seating area.


Get lost in captivating reads, allowing your imagination to roam freely among the pages.


Experience the cozy warmth of our firepits as you gather under the starlit sky with your loved ones. 

Nature Trails

Explore the small nature trail around our property.


Indulge in the blissful relaxation of our hot tub, surrounded by the sounds of nature. (Exclusive to the guests of our farmhouse.)

At Ananda Hideaway, we believe in harmonizing with nature. Our accommodations, including beautifully restored airstreams and a charming farmhouse, offer comfort, warmth, and a seamless connection with the great outdoors. 

Escape to Ananda Hideaway and let nature’s embrace and our curated amenities elevate your vacation experience. 

Book your stay and step into our world of bliss!