Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Broken Bow, Oklahoma, there exists a hidden gem of sacred land, 10 acres of beautiful trees and nature, surrounding a cozy farmhouse. Experiencing it for the first time we immediately knew that this was the place that was meant for us to share with others. 


Our enchanting haven was born out of a vision to create a place where weary souls could escape the demands of everyday life, find solace in nature’s embrace, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. 


THE STORY of Ananda Hideaway began with myself and a small group of passionate individuals who were captivated by the natural beauty and untamed wilderness of Broken Bow and this piece of sacred land specifically. Inspired by the tranquility of the surrounding forests, the crystal-clear waters of the nearby lake, and the gentle whispers of the wind, we set out to create this unique retreat where others could experience the magic we had found.


With meticulous care and attention to detail, we have crafted a collection of beautifully restored airstreams and a charming farmhouse, each thoughtfully designed to offer comfort, warmth, and a seamless connection with nature. 


Every corner of the resort is infused with love and intention, creating a sanctuary where peace and joy flourish. Where everyone is welcome and all belong.


OUR GOAL for Ananda Hideaway is that it is more than just a place to stay; but a destination where guests can truly disconnect from the chaos of the outside world and reconnect with their inner selves – elevating their consciousness. 


The resort offers a plethora of experiences, from group retreats, community gatherings and lively pickleball tournaments to tranquil moments spent in solitude, surrounded by the symphony of nature.


Guests who cross the threshold of Ananda Hideaway embark on a unique journey. Some seek solace in the peaceful serenity, the rustling leaves, and the starlit sky. Others discover the joy of connection, forging deep bonds with family, friends, or fellow travelers, sharing laughter, stories, and heartfelt moments.


THE ESSENCE of Ananda Hideaway lies not only in the physical beauty of the resort but in the intangible magic that permeates every corner. It is a place where dreams are kindled, where hearts are filled with wonder, and where restless souls find the peace they had long sought.


As the story of Ananda Hideaway continues to unfold, touching the lives of all who venture through its gates, we hope you can visit, and be a part of this extraordinary tale! 


Allow Ananda Hideaway to envelop you in its loving embrace, and let the enchantment of Broken Bow, guide you on a journey of tranquility, connection, and self-discovery.


With love, presence and gratitude,



Darla Beam

Owner, Founder and Consciousness Coach

Ananda Hideaway, where towering trees whisper ancient secrets
and the starlit sky becomes your guiding light.